Justin Timberland.
Mariah Carey.

If you assumed we were listing some of the greatest award-winning musical artists in history; you wouldn’t be wrong. 

This isn’t just a curated list of hall of fame musical legends, however. Rather, the similar thread weaving these artists together is the producer they each shared at some point in their careers: Vincent DiPasquale.

Vincent was a recent guest on the Chasing Velocity podcast, and we were able to dig into his mind and the journey that brought him to the creative career he thrives in today.

Music, entrepreneurship, or creative industries are often seen as low-paying careers that are more likely than not to fail. 

The criticism isn’t without merit. 

Vincent sees the opportunity for creatives differently than most, however. The truth is, most industries are going to require a massive amount of exertion and energy to succeed at the highest levels. The difference for Vincent? Spending that energy in an area that you genuinely love as a human being. 

For Vincent, this happened at an early part of his career. During our interview, he shares the specific steps that he took to find his way from struggling college student, to world-class music producer. Along the way, he shared several core lessons that any entrepreneur or creator could apply as they seek to craft a career worth building. 

  • Identify your passion and put your head down

Too many creators get caught in the tension of measuring themselves against others who are following their unique path. Despite being entirely irrelevant to a creator’s passion, “people watching”, can distract from the core actions required to succeed.  

  • Find a tribe who shares your interest 

A key part of Vincent’s success was finding other creators who were interested in the work he was doing, and would eventually join him in his quest. His ability to put his down and do “the work” naturally attracted other committed creators to join him on his journey. Together, they were able to exponentially grow their business rather than building in isolation.

  • Craft your venture around your core personality/values 

After taking on traditional venture capital, Vincent felt the temptation to follow the status quo and behave like a “normal” business. The problem? This group hadn’t achieved success and grown to the point they were at by acting normally. Rather, they found the highest level of success by acting differently and building a remote-first, technology-enabled, music-led startup that crafted a system of performance entirely around the personalities of the core team. Embracing this ethos and shirking external opinions was key to developing FaderPro into a successful enterprise. 

So many people have a creative “itch” or desire that they want to scratch, but aren’t sure how to reasonably execute on their idea or passion. Vincent and his team at FaderPro are a prime example of how pursuing your interest can come to life with tangible and positive outcomes. 

To hear the full interview with Vincent, check out: