Coaching Creativity

We provide individually tailored leadership coaching to visionaries, leaders and teams seeking a breakthrough in their work and business.


In addition to growth consulting, coaching and mentoring leaders in various sectors of creativity and entrepreneurship is our collective passion.

We provide individually tailored coaching to visionaries and leaders seeking a breakthrough in their work and business.

All of our high-performing coaching clients are individuals with highly specialized talents and opportunities for growth. As such, we approach each coaching opportunity as a unique situation to which we can apply our principles and strategies for the benefit of our client.

Our past coaching clients have ranged from award-winning filmmakers and creatives to c-suite executives at large corporations.

Clients we’ve coached

When we first started I had a dream of writing and directing my first narrative feature film and even though I had attended film school and had some basic experience in filmmaking, the task seemed daunting. Step by step, we worked through it, from writing the first draft of the script, to finding financing for it, to shooting it. Last year, the film was acquired by HBO.

Erika Bagnarello, Directora/Guionista Costa Rica Filmworks

The greatest contributions to my current skill set include areas within Promise Based Management, Trust, Speech Acts, and Meeting Agreed Upon Conditions of Satisfaction with other people. Without question, as I implemented many of the concepts that I worked on with Carolyn, productivity within my company soared. Accountability was required of all of our team members and it has become a very positive part of our corporate culture. Everyone has come to expect, as well as deliver, satisfaction to customers internally and externally.

Robert A. King, President/CEO A.M. Todd Botanical Therapeutics

Working with Carolyn has had an incredibly meaningful impact on my work and life. With Carolyn I have learned to better articulate, focus, and achieve both short and long term personal and professional goals. I have found a true thought partner who helps me prioritize, analyze, strategize, and most of all, who helps me follow through, be that in having a difficult conversation, solving a complex problem, or identifying and planning for the future she has helped me realize what I want and need for myself.

Elisabeth Holm, Writer & Producer

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