Have you ever wondered why Sales and Marketing are split in many startups and enterprise businesses?

You’re not alone.

James Dawson is a Sales AND Marketing Savant who has been hard at work building and selling on behalf of startups for the better part of a decade. Having worked for many high-growth startups like Text Request, Pricewaiter, and Skuid, James has refined his craft as a marketer and growth expert over the course of his career.

Who better, then, to help entrepreneurs understand the balance that needs to be considered when growing a startup’s marketing and sales organizations.

The key, according to James, is aligning the incentives of marketing and sales. This begins with the generation of leads all the way to actually closing business and paying commissions to the sales and marketing reps.

On a recent episode of Chasing Velocity, James describes a case study during which a company mistakenly put their sales and marketing into competition for the same group of leads. Rather than driving a competitive atmosphere and cultivating results for the business, this company unknowingly cannibalized their own market and found themselves competing with their own teammates for the same revenue.

This is more common than you may think.

James suggests asking the following questions as you build your sales and marketing strategy: 

  • What is the unified message that both sales and marketing should be driving?
  • Whose responsibility is it to drive broad awareness and initial interest?
  • Whose responsibility is it to carry the message to client contacts? 
  • What actions trigger the rewards for each of these items? 

Taking the time to identify these items and structuring a process that clearly stipulates each level of responsibility will save your startup time and money down the road. Additionally, your team will be able to expend their full energy on producing work that drives the bottom line both for your business and for their individual rewards.

Structuring a team and growing a brand is a tough task to manage when a company is in a high-growth phase. It takes careful consideration and careful communication to ensure alignment for sales teams, marketing groups, and your company as well.

Doing so can make all the difference for your team and business as you grow.

To check out James and hear more about what he’s doing as a Sales and Marketing leader, visit his current team at www.landracebio.com